Chin augmentation Overview: Treatment, Candidates, Procedure, Cost, and Aftercare

Chin surgery is also known as Genioplasty. It is an amazing option for people who feel that their chin shape is not balanced in relation to the rest of their facial features. Enhancement can be done with surgery or facial implant and many times chin reduction surgery is also performed to make the jaw appear less prominent. Chin augmentation helps to add proportion to the face by making the change and provides overall balance to the facial features. Weak chin accentuates the size of the nose and as a result, the nose seems a bit larger in comparison to the chin. In such a case chin augmentation surgery can help to bring the facial features back into harmony.

Chin surgery adds definition in the facial appearance and also balances the larger nose, and many a times people perform chin augmentation surgery along with rhinoplasty to achieve the maximum benefits. A well-defined jawline is desired by every male and female and a skilled cosmetic or plastic surgeon can help to improve the overall facial appearance by adding the balance in the facial profile. This surgery also helps to reduce double chin caused due to small chin bone.

The genioplasty or chin surgery is performed by a skilled plastic surgeon, at Inform