Tummy Tuck

What is tummy tuck?

A firm and flat abdomen, a slim waist and full hips are a universally admired trait cutting across all cultures. A varied number of factors can come to the distortion of this pleasing shape.

  • Heredity – sedentary lifestyle, erratic dietary habits can cause a bulging and unappealing abdominal contour.

  • Pregnancy – is one of the major causes of stretched abdominal muscles, diastasis of recti, stretching and looseness of skin. The weight gained in pregnancy can also add to the problem.

  • Surgeries – Previous abdominal surgeries can cause denervation of a part of the musculature resulting in laxity and also herniation.

What cosmetic concerns can be corrected with a tummy tuck?

Abdominoplasty or tummy tuck is a surgical procedure that can recreate the flatter and tighter abdomen. During the procedure the skin over the abdomen is separated from the underlying musculature, thus exposing them completely. The muscles can be tightened and the weighness corrected. Diastasis or Divarication of recti is one condition that can be completely addressed to.

Any hernias, such as epigastria hernia, umbilical or paraumbilical hernias, ventral hernias due to previous surgeries, if existing can also be satisfactorily treated during the procedure. The excess lower abdominal skin can be removed after the tightening is completed. The result is a flatter, tighter and toned abdomen. Modern abdominoplasty also involves liposuction of the upper abdomen at bulges in the flanks and love handles to get a more attractive waistline.