Is liposuction a weight loss procedure? How much fat is typically removed?

Liposuction is primarily employed as a body contouring procedure. The ideal patient for liposuction has a BMI (Body Mass Index) within normal range but has deposits of fat that are exercise and diet-resistant. The objective of a liposuction procedure is to change body proportions and bring about a balanced and pleasing appearance. So, it is not a simple case of “remove all the fat” but a planned and artistic practice. Detailed plans are made to calculate the amount of fat to be aspirated from different areas to achieve the final result. So, the amount of fat that is taken out depends on the patient’s expected body shape and surgeons planning for the same.

Is there any pain or discomfort after liposuction surgery?

Modern liposuction involves the administration of a tumescent solution to the areas under treatment. The solution contains a mixture of local anesthetic adrenaline etc. that numb the area. The extraction of fat is done after the area is sufficiently numb and painless. The effect of the tumescent solution lasts for many hours after the procedure. The patient is put on pain medication before the effect of the tumescent solution is gone. Hence, post-operative pain is kept at a minimum.